Quality control and assurance

We guarantee the quality of our services and products. Medis operates independent and accredited in-house quality control (QC) laboratories, located in the Bolatice manufacturing plant. Our technical staff work closely with the manufacturing department to guarantee high quality and comply with the highest standards of the pharmaceutical industry and in accordance with GMP.

Our physicochemical testing laboratories use state-of-the-art analytical equipment to monitor product quality to ensure compliance with the relevant pharmacopoeiae (PhEur, USP) and in accordance with registration documentation specifications. The physicochemical laboratory uses Agilent HPLC and GC equipment. Other dosage form parameters are tested using SOTAX, METTLER-TOLEDO and THERMO FISHER SCIENTIFIC equipment.

We use large capacity climatic chambers for stability studies for climatic zones II, IV and IVb.

Our microbiological laboratory has a class A clean room, used for qualified microbiological purity checks in accordance with the requirements of the European pharmacopoeia.

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